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After bombing the harbour, the new gang in town, Enigma, all but declared war on the most powerful family in the city, the Bianchi Family. Police struggled to capture the culprits and were well on their way to build a solid case against the Bianchi, but their hard work was set back once the police department was bombed. Now, the war between the two sides is more heated than ever, and the casualties only tend to grow.

UPDATE 10 - 05/2017 There's...something rumbling, or perhaps brewing, among the people of Chicago.

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 angry makeouts, f / ex / 29+ / manipulative / dominant
 Posted: Jul 15 2016, 10:50 PM


single & passionatebisexual

For those who do not wish to grasp and cherish my thorns, they should never get to crave my rose.


Firstname Lastname
first flame/ex || 29-35 || open group || 'controlling'
ex /first flame
> age// 29-35 years old

> group// open

> face claim// negotiable /suggested (no blondes)

> occupation// open

> sexuality// preferably gay, or bisexual

So this character, which will entirely belong to you if you decide to play her, helds quite a key position in Ruby's history and life altogether. We'll refer to this char as Gal until a proper name is set. Any age between 29-35 yo is fine, as I'd like her to be older. Gal is an extremely possessive person, usually almost controlling the people around her, or at least trying to do so to her liking. The art of manipulating is her biggest weapon.

Gal & Ruby were both in Israel, Tel Aviv, 10 years ago. Why your char was there is up to you. That being said, Ruby was 17 years old at that time, and anything close to a private life for her did not exist. That until, Gal sneaked in her life, and the two befriended each other. Something sparked between them quite fast, perhaps due to the "take no refusals" personality of your char, and they hooked up numerous times. It's up to you if it meant anything to your character or not, yet for Ruby it was a turning point. Not only Gal was her "first", but it had also been kept a secret from anyone else, including her father. It started Ruby's whole balancing between straight and bisexual, defying any stories she had heard until she was 17 about girls meeting their knight in shiny armour and stuff, and making her more open minded when it comes to the sexuality spectrum. Ruby also never spoke to Gal about any sort of criminal implications (aka mafia relations).

I imagine Gal kept tempting Ruby into sneaking around with her in secret, developing a sort of friends-with-benefits kind of relationship. It could have went on for a week or so, before your character suddenly disappeared. No words, no warnings, no trace, nothing. Why she vanished after building a lustful bond is entirely up to you. The need to travel somewhere else, family trouble, business, anything you can think of.

10 Years later, your character moves to Chicago, bumps into Ruby again, and the story unfolds. Will they be friends again? Will they avoid the other? Will they turn enemies, because of the hurtful and confusing act of being abandoned? Will your char want more, or just to go back to whatever sort of relationship the two had? Let's write togeher! I would love to hear your ideas for the character and the future development!

Face claim suggestions: Gal Gadot, Megan Fox, Meghan Ory, Lana Parilla, Olivia Wilde, Phoebe Tonkin, Mila Kunis, Lyndsy Fonseca, Lauren Cohan, Irina Shayk.

A few plot ideas you could adopt or take inspiraion from, for the character's future:
+ involved with the Bianchi mafia, be it through drug dealings, money laundering, prostitution, anything you can think of
+ could join Enigma without knowing of Ruby's involvement, maybe develop a love/hate relationship due to the sudden realization that your char no longer has any 'power' over the blonde
+ could have turned PD officer, but doesn't want to expose or openly incriminate Ruby, it's more of a "if i get to cuff you in your sleep, you'll wake up in a cell" scenario
+ maybe she just wants to go back to how they were before? she finds out Ruby is not as naive anymore, and the hunt intensifies
+ can end up dating someone else, i dont mind it, this is definitely not a 'final' sort of plot
+ something i'd really love is a hateship plot, where they argue and fight, both having a superiority complex, 'Gal' thinking she knows what's best for Ruby (that being them both together again or at least Gal having someone under her shoe, aka only looking out for her own interests) but often ends up with them angrily making out.

If you want to ask me anything, or reserve this ad, feel free to post below or PM me ♥

 Posted: May 20 2017, 06:14 PM


single & passionatebisexual

For those who do not wish to grasp and cherish my thorns, they should never get to crave my rose.


uuuu taken~
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