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 The Crown Curfew, JACOPO BIANCHI
 Posted: Jun 17 2017, 01:24 PM


35Bianchi Godmother

~The Queen of Hearts said off with their heads and Alice escaped, but this Queen of Hearts said 'come here' and Alice never left again...~


A Curfew
Could be the end of us few
The Golden Crown was still one of her biggest pride regarding her family's wealth and power. It was still standing after all these years and it rarely had a falter in its business line. She had to admit, her sister did a good job at managing the Casino business in its entirety, but the one who was assuring the Golden Crown's everlasting glory was someone she perhaps had more trust in. Jacopo Bianchi was more trustful to her than her very own unpredictable sister. Sister who was still in the process of going into trial, and who will very likely end up in some mental hospital somewhere. It was truly despicable the way things were going down, but alas there weren't many options left besides prison when so many charges were pressed against her. Roxanne will have to take care of herself while Delilah did her best to manage the Bianchi business and try to find a breach in the system to get her back. She wasn't entirely sure she wanted her back, but being all alone in all this mess ... perhaps a crazy sister wasn't so bad.

In any case, she was walking out of a simple black car, staying low key today to talk with the Golden Crown's manager, Jacopo. Things had just hit a dire situation, and right now, the Golden Crown might be one of the most important part of Delilah's big family. Southside was in riots, and it was partly her fault. After her dealing with Ryan, there was little time between her taking action and the riots starting. Now she had no control and the only reliable and actually quite legal business she had in hand could suffer plenty from this mistake.

It was late, and Delilah knew she was breaking a newly installed curfew by being at the Casino tonight. The Casino itself had the front lights sparkling like always, but the lights inside were dim, mostly turned off because of the lack of clients. Oh there were a few people inside, mostly members of outside mafias and her own men, gambling with a small glass of their favorite drink. But the atmosphere was far more grim than usual and when Delilah walked in, their heads barely turned. Only checking if it were a cop or a new face. It was only the Godmother, nothing could possibly be wrong with that presence?

She walked in the large halls, searching for Jacopo, her heels discrete on the carpeted floor. There were a few things that needed to be discussed, but the main issue now was that curfew that cut their clients income by more than half their daily number. Southside will have to calm down quickly, or else....

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