We're a crime/mafia roleplay set in the present-day Chicago.

After bombing the harbour, the new gang in town, Enigma, all but declared war on the most powerful family in the city, the Bianchi Family. Police struggled to capture the culprits and were well on their way to build a solid case against the Bianchi, but their hard work was set back once the police department was bombed. Now, the war between the two sides is more heated than ever, and the casualties only tend to grow.

UPDATE 10 - 05/2017 There's...something rumbling, or perhaps brewing, among the people of Chicago.

UPDATE 09 - 04/2017 May is almost here, and we've decided to say goodbye to April with a shiny mini event! Thank you Bishop for the amazing idea, and for everyone who's getting involved!

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Age: 54
Occupation: Drug Trafficker
Relationship: Widower
Sexuality: Heterosexual
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Alias: Max
Quote / Lyrics / Status: The righteous families crawl over the petty and weak.
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Massimo Bianchi

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<div class="ahead">basics</div>
<thing>full name:</thing> Massimo Galtem Bianchi
<thing>nicknames/aliases:</thing> Max Bianchi, Chicago's Seraph of Indulgence
<thing>age:</thing> 54
<thing>date of birth:</thing> 09, March
<thing>nationality:</thing> Italian
<thing>hometown:</thing> Lucca, Tuscany
<thing>accent:</thing> Italian
<thing>gender:</thing> Male
<thing>pronouns:</thing> He/Him
<thing>addictions / illnesses:</thing> Prior Cocaine Addiction, A few old broken bones and injuries from his younger days.
<thing>occupation:</thing> Bianchi Drug Trafficking Manager (Illicit), Owner of several parking towers, car washes, and pawn shops throughout Chicago. (Legal)
<thing>member group:</thing> Bianchi
<thing>rank:</thing> Drug Traffic Manager

<div class="ahead">appearance</div>

<thing>face claim:</thing> Lambert Wilson
<thing>height:</thing> 6'3
<thing>build:</thing> Slim, previously muscular
<thing>hair color:</thing> Graying, previously brown
<thing>eye color:</thing> green
<thing>tattoos:</thing> Full back tattoo of the Archangel Michael piercing a devil with a silver lance.
<thing>piercings:</thing> none
<thing>scars:</thing> Three long curling scars and a wide burn upon his mid stomach.

<div class="ahead">relationships</div>

<thing>sexual orientation:</thing> Heterosexual
<thing>romantic orientation:</thing> Heteroromantic
<thing>parents:</thing> Dead
<thing>siblings:</thing> Previous Godfather of the Bianhci (Brother)
<thing>children:</thing> A son
<thing>other family/pets:</thing> none
<thing>relationship status:</thing> Widower, (Previous wife died six years ago)


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<div class="ahead">freeform</div>
Like most of the older Bianchi Massimo was born and raised through his early life in the motherlands of Italy. Unlike most of the family however Massimo was sent to the fields of Lucca to stay with cousins of the family since a young age. Wrought with a fiery anger the young Massimo was known for violent outbursts and constant fighting, even brawling in the cities cobbled streets. <p>

The Bianchi heads had hoped that the hard life of farming would soothe the rage that stirred within Massimo's breast, but the fields only helped the lad to learn control. Burning anger turned to a cold fury that always lurked just beneath the surface. Massimo's brother found a perfect soldier in his younger brother, simply point Massimo in a direction and hell would soon follow. By the time the boys had reached seventeen and eighteen respectively they had purchased tickets to America, rumor spoke of several Bianchi members pushing for new operations in the city of Chicago, and Massimo followed his brother to the west to make their names known. <p>

The early days were the worst, gangs and small outfits fought over corners, police successfully arrested nearly three fourths of any criminal activity they were called to investigate. The future godfather of the city came with a intellect that few could match however, planning schemes and heists that others couldn't even dream of; in in his back pocket was Massimo. At the time a soldier like Massimo didn't exist on the street, fear was his weapon and none could wield it with more grace. Every brutal act, every killing, every theft Massimo enacted to perfection due to his brothers planning. The future Bianchi Godfather was the god of crime, and Massimo was his revengeful archangel, bringing fire to the streets of Chicago. <p>

In service to the family efforts Massimo was at one point captured and tortured horrifically in his mid twenties resulting in terrible burns and scars to his stomach, by all accounts he should have died from the injuries, but a timely rescue by the family saw him through to survival. <p>

After nearly ten years the city fell completely under Bianchi control, life was good for most of the family, wealth easily obtained and none to battle it for. Massimo was the exception, street war was his art, it was what separated him from the others of the family. While Massimo's brother continued to build his influence and power Massimo fell from the public eye, developing a taste for Pearl the man's life became consumed by drug use. It wasn't until Massimo met his future wife years later that stability would finally enper his life. <p>

Encountered with true love for the only time in his life Massimo went through rehabilitation to overcome his addiction, married his beautiful young wife, and returned to Bianchi service a few years later a calmer man, ready and willing to pledge loyalty and service to the Godfather. Massimo served faithfully for years until his brothers death, than for a time he provided council and guidance to the family during Delilah's adolescence. At the time Massimo did not desire the title or rank of Godfather himself. <p>

As his niece grew older however Massimo began to notice trends in her leadership, she made choices he felt showed weakness or a lack of conviction. Soon after the Enigma problems began, sensing another street war for the first time in many years Massimo determined that Delilah was not suited to win such a war. Before the man could make a play for power however his beloved wife died in her bed. <p>

Stricken with grief Massimo felt his rage return as if in a vast flood from the heavens had washed away his inner earth. Guided by a fury he had not possessed in over a decade Massimo secretly fueled street warfare behind his niece's back, quietly encouraging the brewing troubles within Chicago until a breaking point would erupt from the mess. With the recent bombing of the Chicago police Massimo feels the time to take power is fast approaching, and he is ready to advance his plans at all costs.

<div class="atab">
<input type="radio" id="atab-4" name="atab-group-1">
<label for="atab-4"> <i class="fa fa-user-plus" style="font-size: 10px;margin-top:5px"></i> &nbsp; plotting</label>
<div class="acontent">

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<td><div class="astuff">

<div class="ahead">about</div>

Massimo is far from a trusting man, being a long time criminal and privy to some of the worst acts committed by the Bianchi family, Massimo has developed a health distrust of those who have not proven their loyalties beyond any measure of question. <p>

Dispite his mistrustful nature however Massimo can be a very charismatic individual. He desires power, power requires friends in the right places, and few in the Bianchi can make friends like Massimo can.

<div class="ahead">friends</div>

True friends are reserved for family, or for those that have accepted sacrifice into their lives on Massimo's behalf. A true ally forges bonds with Massimo through blood and loss, its the only way to gain the old dogs trust completely. <p>

Work associates and other such 'lesser' friends are still in high abundance for Massimo, he doesn't trust them any more than he would a hitman that charged only pennies but they are essential to his line of work. Anyone who can be bought, threatened, blackmailed or conned into his list of 'friends' has no choice but to play Massimo's games in the public eye, otherwise they are forced to face his wraith in the shadows.

<div class="ahead">romance</div>

Once Massimo knew true love, a woman native to the city that stole his heart and birthed his no good son. Even so she calmed his anger and his ire, at times the woman seemed to even tame a young Massimo; a man known and feared for his violence in the Chicago underworld. <p>

Sadly that woman passed many years ago, these days Massimo has his indulgences but no steady love interest currently dances through his life.

<div class="ahead">enemies</div>

Massimo held many enemies in days long passed, back when he and his brother had to conquer Chicago one block at a time. These past enemies have mostly felt the righteous fires of the angels by now, though it is always possible a few old sinners escaped the cleansing brought about by the old Bianchi family. <p>

At this time mostly police and small time dealers twist their dirty fingers throughout Massimo's hard earned holdings and operations. Only the clever and experienced manage to stay alive after the old man learns of their trespasses.

<div class="ahead">other</div>

I would hope to eventual build a little subgroup of loyalists within the Bianchi, a few who feel strong belief in either Massimo's leadership or who simply are dismayed with Delilah's current reigns over the families operations within Chicago.


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<label for="atab-5"> <i class="fa fa-cog fa-fw" style="font-size: 10px;margin-top:5px"></i> &nbsp; player</label>
<div class="acontent">
<table cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>
<div class="astuff">
<div class="astuffff">
<div class="ahead">alias</div>
<thing>nicknames:</thing> Max or Massimo
<thing>age:</thing> 27
<thing>pronouns:</thing> he/him
<thing>timezone:</thing> GMT+9
<thing>contact:</thing> PM
<thing>rp experience:</thing> 14 years
<thing>how you found us:</thing> Ad surfacing
<thing>other characters:</thing> none
<thing>about:</thing> Looking forward to some good rp with some talented players (ya'll lol)

</div></div></div></div></div> </div>
<center><div class="adetails" style="background: #a86c6c">
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