We're a crime/mafia roleplay set in the present-day Chicago.

After bombing the harbour, the new gang in town, Enigma, all but declared war on the most powerful family in the city, the Bianchi Family. Police struggled to capture the culprits and were well on their way to build a solid case against the Bianchi, but their hard work was set back once the police department was bombed. Now, the war between the two sides is more heated than ever, and the casualties only tend to grow.

UPDATE 10 - 05/2017 There's...something rumbling, or perhaps brewing, among the people of Chicago.

UPDATE 09 - 04/2017 May is almost here, and we've decided to say goodbye to April with a shiny mini event! Thank you Bishop for the amazing idea, and for everyone who's getting involved!

UPDATE 08 - 03/2017 March is here! A few layout modifications jumped out of nowhere, nobody panic! Spring cleaning is also over and as such, claims and canon roles have been opened as we cleared out the inactive. Stay tuned for IC and OOC news & announcements!

UPDATE 07 - 02/2017 February is the real MVP as we're welcoming so many new members and characters to Bloody Dice this month!! We love you all, already established members, new and returning! ♥

UPDATE 06 - 01/2017 January, you ugly thing. Regardless if you're buried in snow or melting under the sun, we wish you a great year ahead and may all your dreams come true! Good luck to everyone going back to school, work or hanging on trying to survive.

UPDATE 05 - 12/2016 It's almost 2017! We hope everyone had a great time these holidays! Security, please escort 2016 through the backdoor thank you.

UPDATE 04 - 11/2016 This month we welcome back everyone who returned from their busy period...while the site is getting ready for a holiday update! Stay tuned for an official announcement and get your holiday spirit out of the box ;D

UPDATE 03 - 10/2016 Halloween is here early! As many of you were craving a special something, we delivered! Put your mask on and sink your teeth in this new event and get wild! Have fun everyone <3

UPDATE 02 - 09/2016 Two months on Jcink and the board became home to 25+ members, 90+ characters and a ton of fun plots! Can't stop, won't stop. Looking forward to creating more fun memories and always meeting new people!

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<div class="head">basics</div>
<thing>full name:</thing> Clara Jane Darwin
<thing>nicknames/aliases:</thing> Officer Darwin
<thing>date of birth:</thing> 13th, October
<thing>nationality:</thing> American
<thing>hometown:</thing> Chicago
<thing>accent:</thing> Midwest American
<thing>gender:</thing> Female
<thing>pronouns:</thing> She/Her
<thing>addictions / illnesses:</thing> --
<thing>occupation:</thing> K9 Officer
<thing>member group:</thing> Chicago PD
<thing>rank:</thing> --

<div class="head">appearance</div>

<thing>face claim:</thing> Emily Bett Rickards
<thing>height:</thing> 5'6"
<thing>build:</thing> Lean
<thing>hair color:</thing> Blonde
<thing>eye color:</thing> Blue
<thing>tattoos:</thing> Black triangle on left elbow
<thing>piercings:</thing> Two ear piercings (lobe and cartilage)
<thing>scars:</thing> --

<div class="head">relationships</div>

<thing>sexual orientation:</thing> Homosexual
<thing>romantic orientation:</thing> Homoromantic
<thing>parents:</thing> Chase and Lucy Darwin
<thing>siblings:</thing> --
<thing>children:</thing> --
<thing>other family/pets:</thing> She considers <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/ryn-dd/14938808703/in/photolist-oL6ini-wo9rfd-4Do8rW-9iLXmA-rv5beg-5DiK3V-8SMACQ-e1w9j4-bmhac7-4jXM6J-aFVQz8-cdcSAu-4jXNDL-9nt6mi-gG2Zd9-bVJ4Ed-ea8g69-8roJyg-9nw8GQ-goaS39-694kfg-4Bc4gu-7HbmLH-d8NWuw-dxojzm-2ZXpZy-ojQDxf-5pw9qv-7EBvDz-8oCk7K-bHfndz-amBQyn-hoCyNu-oHuqPa-gY9TeB-w7d1uL-4Bc3rw-8vDkUe-9yQwa5-oziMEL-BeZ1pN-BeZ3Hq-ACeJmg-oL3kaU-egfJa7-9o8jhc-5oQ8xM-bmhabS-6Xwe8q-pX1ihW/">Boo</a>, the K9 she works with, her own dog even though he is owned by Chicago PD.
<thing>relationship status:</thing> Single


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<div class="head">freeform</div>
Clara was born in Chicago. For 24 years, she has lived in the city that has been powered by darker, illegal currents. Prostituion, drug dealing, and weapon trafficking, and probably any other crime imaginable has taken place in the streets of Chicago, but some times even right under the police force's nose.
Her father, Chase Darwin, worked at Chicago PD for 30 years before retiring. During his time there, he had worked on many cases and dealt with many criminals, but the highlight of his career was his bust on a dog fighting ring. In the months before, there had been many reports of missing dogs as well as disturbing sounds coming from a warehouse in downtown Chicago. It didn't take long for him and some other offices to put two and two together and decide to investigate the location. When they entered the warehouse, they were immediately faced with caged dogs and loud, unsettling sounds coming from deeper inside the warehouse. They followed the noise and came upon the <i>ring</i> where the dogs were forced to fight. It was surrounded by a high, chain-link fence, which protected the onlookers (and kept the dogs inside) who were nearly as loud as the dogs engaged in fighting. They didn't even notice the officers until one had drawn their gun, shooting and killing the larger dog that had overpowered and was <i>killing</i> the smaller one trapped beneath it. The sound of the fired gun stunned everyone into silence, but only for a brief, tense moment before chaos returned and everyone was up on their feet and running. They had only gathered a small force, Chase and three other officers, not anticipating the sheer size of the ring. So they were unable to pursue many of the fleeing criminals, but they did manage to agree on pinning down one -- the man who had been set up directly behind the cage, sitting at a table covered with stacks of money. He had been trying to stuff some of the cash in his jeans and shirt, allowing Chase and another office to get between the back exit (everyone else was fleeing out of it) and the man. Without a way of escape -- another officer was covering the entrance where <i>they</i> had entered -- the man climbed the high, chain-link fence and jumped into the ring. It had two doors that led to where the dogs were held, Chase and the officers later discovered, but what the man failed to realize was that a dog was still in the ring. Sure, it was badly wounded and blood was probably obscuring its vision from where it ran from a large gash on its forehead, but it sensed the new presence in the ring and was immediately on its feet again. The man had rushed toward one of the doors, trying to open it (they were designed to only open from one side) but that was a fatal mistake that he wouldn't make twice. Not because he would learn, but because he would never get the chance to. The dog, though balancing only on three legs, lowered its head at the noise, muzzle wrinkling as it pulled back to reveal blood-stained incisors. It had been forced through hell, of that Chase had no doubt. But it had become what the criminals running the ring wanted it to be: a fighter, and it what would fight till its last breath. It lunged at the man, tackling his crouched form (the doors were short) and immediately latched onto his exposed neck. The man was dead in <i>minutes</i>.
With that criminal dealt with, Chase and the other officers managed to chase down two others. They arrested them and took them in, and when questioned on who was in charge of the ring, they revealed it was the same man who had been killed by the dog.
<br>Besides the two criminals, the small unit also returned with all the dogs. The younger ones were given to nurturing foster homes or shelters, and were eventually able to be put up for adoption as the terror and aggression of the fights hadn't quite scarred them. As for the others, the ones they could help were helped but the ones lost to the aggression, who knew nothing other than fighting and <i>survival</i>, had to be put down.
<br>Chase took one of the pups home with him, a small German Shepherd that immediately became the bestfriend of his young daughter, Clara, at the time. She named him Zack, and ever since he came into her life, Clara saw herself as a K9 Officer. Her love for Zack and the joy she recieved each time her father spoke of his job inspired her to do a job based on both: love of dogs and a passion for justice. Because even though her father retired with a weary expression and injuries he probably would've never had if he had not worked in the police force, Clara was determined to make change. She was <i>hopeful</i> and truly believed the Chicago PD was the only thing standing between civilans and the increasing crime rate.
Years later, Clara is where she always dreamed to be: working as a K9 Officer at Chicago PD. Zack is far too old to assist her in her work, so she was assigned a new dog: Boo, a young german shepherd who almost equals Clara in curiosity and energy. With Boo at her side, Clara plans to make change. She wants to get rid of the criminals making streets unsafe. She wants to see more teenagers in school than ones not and who roam the streets, finding themselves tied up in crimes 9 times out of 10. She wants it so badly that she will investigate dark corners, risking herself and Boo. She will dig up cases that were <i>purposely</i> forgotten and root out their source until she discovers it or is punished for being nosy, but even then she might not relent, just take the punches and keep going.
<br>She truly believes in change. She knows how strong resistance in the city is and how it will push against her, but Clara will be damned if she doesn't do something. Even as Chicago PD was bombed and her overseers warned against investigating, wanting her to focus on rebuilding and help with restoring lost information and destroyed things, Clara still hits the streets. While the other officers may be wary of diving back into the pursuit of crime, Clara never stepped away from it.

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<td><div class="nstuff">

<div class="head">about</div>

Clara is a strong-willed, curious, and determined woman. She truly believes things can be changed in Chicago and that <i>she</i> can be a force of change. Some may deem her annoyingly curious, but Clara simply won't back down from a problem or case. Even if she's met with resistance or an impasse, Clara will find <i>some</i> way to keep moving forward. If that requires her to hit the streets and venture into places where her police badge could get her killed, then she'll do it. Because no reward can come without a risk, and Clara knew, from her father's time as an officer, the dangers. She won't shy away from them. She won't let a flash of a gun or the glint of a knife intimidate her.
<p>Clara hardly does anything not connected with her job. With that being said, her social life is pretty much dead. She'll engage her fellow officers or people who could help her with a case, but not usually with the idea of friendship in mind. Sure, she is a cheery, positive person who is rarely seen without a smile curling her lips, but she likes to be a dependable person and with her work and how much it consumes her time, she wouldn't be able to be an ideal friend. She would rarely get to go out with friends, and even then she would be having an eye out for anything suspicious. With her father having been in the police force for a majority of her life, it's simply been engraved in her to seek out injustice and corruption and confront it.

<div class="head">friends</div>

As mentioned above, Clara doesn't really look to have friends. It's not because she dislikes people, but simply because she hates the idea of letting others down. With how devoted she is to her job, she wouldn't be an ideal friend. She might agree on a date to go out together, but then something might come up at work (or something Clara simply witnesses out in the streets) and she no longer can attend. It would lead to a disappointing friendship and that would trouble Clara. <i>So</i> she doesn't really seek out friendships, though some times they might just happen. Clara <i>is</i> a friendly, optimistic person who can put a smile on almost anyone's face; some times people are just attracted to her positivity.

<div class="head">romance</div>

Clara knows the dangers of being romantically involved with someone when in her line of work; she has witnessed it countless times with other officers and their families. However, Clara is still <i>human</i> and some times can't deny herself the pleasure of falling in bed with another person. That being said, Clara won't actively look for a partner. She is attracted to cleverness and certain features (brown hair is a big turn-on for her), but even if she finds those qualities in someone, she still probably won't act on the desire she might have for them. She doesn't like putting others in danger and if that means restricting herself and handling her sexual frustrations on her own time <i>alone</i>, then she will.

<div class="head">enemies</div>

Anyone who endangers others is an enemy to Clara. However, she does believe people are redeemable and won't completely write someone off as heartless criminal (unless evidence says otherwise.)

<div class="head">other</div>

I definitely want to explore a plot where she falls for a person from Enigma or Bianchi. And maybe not even romantically; maybe she comes to enjoy something about them and considers them a friend <i>only</i> to later be surprised when it turns out they're a criminal.
<br>As well, criminal or not, but just someone who pushes Clara out of her insistent need to keep others at arm-length so they're not in danger.
<br>And of course, I want to do a thread where Clara investigates too deep into a case about either Enigma or Bianchi -- a case they don't want anyone looking into -- and has to face the consequences for it.

<img src="http://i.imgur.com/GExabpx.png" width="200" height="345">



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<label for="Ntab-5"> <i class="fa fa-cog fa-fw" style="font-size: 10px;margin-top:5px"></i> &nbsp; player</label>
<div class="Ncontent">
<table cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>
<img src="http://i.imgur.com/za2H6iq.gif" width="200" height="160">
<img src="http://i.imgur.com/u6Evzvb.gif" width="200" height="160">
<div class="nstuff">
<div class="nstuffff">
<div class="head">alias</div>
<thing>nicknames:</thing> Thes
<thing>age:</thing> 17
<thing>pronouns:</thing> She/Her
<thing>timezone:</thing> CT (GMT - 6)
<thing>contact:</thing> PM
<thing>rp experience:</thing> Roughly six years
<thing>how you found us:</thing> RPG Directory
<thing>other characters:</thing> --
<thing>about:</thing> Well, I'm always horrible at introducing myself. And I am a very awkward person, even online. I mean, it's not intentional I just some times say the wrong thing or something unrelated and it's just like .. ? But anyway! I love writing, and I'm currently attending an arts school (you go for your last two years of high school) and I'm there for literary arts so I'm writing <i>all the time.</i> With that being said, I might not be as active during the school year.
<br>Hmm, as for my interests that would include: Orphan Black (Cosima Niehaus is an absolute gem), OITNB, GoT, writing, music, and of course dogs (especially large breeds as puppies.)

</div></div></div></div></div> </div>
<center><div class="ndetails" style="background: #35857e">
24. K9 Officer. Chicago PD. Emily Bett Rickards
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