We're a crime/mafia roleplay set in the present-day Chicago.

After bombing the harbour, the new gang in town, Enigma, all but declared war on the most powerful family in the city, the Bianchi Family. Police struggled to capture the culprits and were well on their way to build a solid case against the Bianchi, but their hard work was set back once the police department was bombed. Now, the war between the two sides is more heated than ever, and the casualties only tend to grow.

UPDATE 10 - 05/2017 There's...something rumbling, or perhaps brewing, among the people of Chicago.

UPDATE 09 - 04/2017 May is almost here, and we've decided to say goodbye to April with a shiny mini event! Thank you Bishop for the amazing idea, and for everyone who's getting involved!

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 Posted: Jun 19 2017, 09:10 PM



Call me "sweetheart" and I'll tear you apart


farah al-sayf
full name: Farah Reyna Al-Sayf
nicknames/aliases: None
age: Twenty-nine
date of birth: 4 Jaunary
nationality: Israeli
hometown: Washington DC, USA
accent: Israeli
gender: Female
pronouns: She/Her
addictions / illnesses: Addicted to adrenaline rush, hyperacusis.
occupation: Assassin
member group: Bianchi Family
rank: Assassin/Bodyguard/Tiger's Den prostitute
face claim: Gal Gadot
height: 186cm
build: Broad,
hair color: Black
eye color: Brown
tattoos: Arm; Back
piercings: Ears.
scars: None
sexual orientation: Pansexual
romantic orientation: Panromantic
parents: Amal Al-Sayf; Zarha Al-Sayf
siblings: None
children: None
other family/pets: None
relationship status: Single
Farah Al-Sayf was fabricated from the moment she was born. As her mother wrote her name on her birth certificate, her hands shaking from exhaustion and nerves, she paused for a moment before she wrote down the name of Farah's father. Matteo Bianchi, she wanted to write but one look at her husband had her reconsidering. In the end, she wrote down Amal Al-Sayf, her husband and current ambassador of Israeli in the USA. He was a powerful man, both in body and position but when he cradled Farah in his arms he looked completely in awe of her.

Her family was filthy rich and powerful because of Amal's position in the government. Amal was the dictionary definition of a crooked politician. He worked with the worst criminals in the US and zealously supported organized crime all over the country. In return, Amal was never apposed in his government position. Farah benefited from her father's wealth. She had everything she could have asked for and never experienced strife likes others.

Farah was sixteen when she met the love of her life. He was a waiter at a small, rundown diner. Their love was sweet and surprisingly deep. They were from two completely different worlds but Farah just found herself charmed by this sweet, fast-talking city boy who looked at her like she hung the moon in the sky. Jaymes was his name and he melted Farah's heart with a single look.

They spent every day together. Eating burgers at the counter of Jaymes' diner, sitting under the stars at night, spending holidays together; as long as they were together, they would enjoy their time. One fateful summer, Farah invited Jaymes to come with her back to Israel for several weeks. It was an amazing experience. Farah loved showing her boyfriend her culture and her childhood home. Her favourite place was the beach not too far from her childhood home. It was a bit of a tourist trap but outside of tourist season it was beautiful and peaceful. Jaymes and Farah spent the day loitering around the beach, just soaking up the sun. They never could have imagined things could go so wrong so quickly.

Jaymes and Farah were playing in the shallow waters when the shots started ringing out. Completely inexperienced, Farah completely froze at the first sound of gunshots, forcing Jaymes to be the one to grab her by the arm and drag her back onto shore. The couple tried to push their way past the panicking crowds but were separated in the chaos. Farah caught sight of Jaymes just in time to watch him take several shot to the chest. Everything after that was a blur. The next thing Farah remembered was getting on a plane back to America.

Watching Jaymes die broke something in Farah. PTSD, her father's psychologists called it. Farah called it a waking nightmare. There was a constant ringing noise in her ears, not loud enough to make her deaf, but enough to make it distracting and grating on her psyche. She invested in a pair of portable headphones and constantly played music in her ears to drown out the ringing. It was a solution to one of her problems but did nothing to fix the overall problem. Farah's heart was clearly broken over the loss of Jaymes and her heartbreak turned to burning anger. Using her father's resources, Farah got in contact with some dark people willing to help her exert some of her anger into more productive means. Deadly means.

It started as a means to work off her anger. Hand-to-hand combat, learning how to use a large variety of guns, swordsplay; anything that could take her mind off that horrible day. But Farah's thirst was ravenous. Eventually she grew to talking with her fellow peers and learned other ways of testing her new found talent for violence. It started out small like all things do. She was the get away driver for a bank heist. She helped co-ordinate drug trafficking across the border. She participated in blackmailing high government officials and local police officers. As time past, Farah found her anger slowly dwindling and was replaced by enjoyment. She enjoyed the rush of breaking and rules, the feeling of almost being caught but escaping capture by the skin of her teeth.

Farah took up extreme sports in her spare time. Traveling the world to climb the highest mountains, surf the largest waves, explore the deepest caves. In her time traveling, someone caught her eye. Morrison was the name he gave her and he introduced himself as the most wanted hitman in the world. Needless to say, Farah was taken aback at first but eagerly sunk her teeth into her newest dangerous obsession: assassination.

Morrison worked Farah to the bone for years until she could stand on her own two feet. At the age of 25, Farah started taking hits independently and her popularity skyrocketed. Eventually, her travels took her back to her home in the US. She met with her father who was under the impression she had been traveling abroad for fun. He wasn't completely wrong. He introduced her to Matteo Bianchi, the head of the Bianchi family and also (unbeknownst to Amal) her blood father. After some awkward small talk, Bianchi sent Amal away for several minutes so he could talk to Farah alone.

Matteo wasted no time laying his intentions on the table. He told her he knew she was his daughter and that she was a talented assassin. In exchange for keeping her true blood ties to the Bianchi family secret and not killing her for said ties, Matteo wanted Farah on his payroll for protecting his children. Backed into a corner, Farah had no other choice but to agree.

So Farah traveled to Chicago. She took up a position as an escort at the Tiger's Den for cover and kept her promise to keep her half-siblings well and alive. Over the years, she has stopped numerous assassination attempts and carried out numerous hits for the Bianchi.

Farah Al-Sayf is the secret assassin of the Bianchi family. Most know her as the sly Tiger's Den escort with high standards but her position at the Tiger's Den is a cover to allow her to keep a close eye on the Bianchi family. Farah is bold, clever, and always maintains an air of mystery about her. No one really knows where she came from but no one really questions it after she shoots a beautiful smile in their direction.
Very closed off and down-right hostile against those who try to dig into her past, Farah tends to maintain very shallow friendships. She makes friends easily but always keeps them at arms length. I can see her getting close to one or two people, but they would have to be of a darker nature. Farah has a dark sense of humor and doesn't shy away from getting her hands dirty. She would need someone similar in nature to understand her on a deeper level. Some fellow assassin friends would be nice. Some friendly competition, someone to share some gruesome stories with over a pint of beer.
Farah already had one true love of her life and it ended in tragedy. While she has long since gotten over the death of her last love, she is much more cautious when getting into relationships. As a employee of the Tiger's Den, Farah's job is to sleep around with any person who is willing to pay. Surprisingly, Farah enjoys her time at the Tiger's Den and loves spending a night or two with some rich customer. She sees it as making good money, getting good information and scratching an itch. A true, deep relationship would probably grow through unconventional means. I would like to see her in some darker romance. She isn't an easy catch and anyone looking for a challenge would be welcome.

I also encourage Bianchi-affiliated characters who are looking for a one night stand to seek out Farah. She's loyal to the Bianchi cause and is known for keeping her mouth shut. An important characteristic in a whore. She is usually the go-to girl for any high rank Bianchi looking to let off some steam. Not only is she good in bed but she can be trusted not to stab you in the back while your sleeping.

Being an assassin comes with some enemies. If anyone needs a nameless assassin to kill their loved one, Farah is always a good choice. She's been doing this assassin thing for countless years and has a ridiculous amount of high profile kills under her belt. Additionally, Farah is affiliated with the Bianchi family. She is on their payroll and protects them against other rival assassins trying to take them out. The Police Department and the Enigma are likely to not be her biggest fans.
Farah also happens to be the result of an affair between the former Bianchi Godfather and her mother. She guards her status as a true-blood Bianchi from everyone. I would love to see someone unearth that secret and use it against her.

nicknames: Celeste
age: 23
pronouns: She/Her
timezone: EST
contact: PM/Discord
rp experience: 5 years
how you found us: KITTY'S FAULT
other characters: None

about: i return from the dead

29. assassin. group. gal gadot.
 Posted: Jun 20 2017, 09:40 PM



Call me "sweetheart" and I'll tear you apart


Finished http://i.imgur.com/EZsb91w.png
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