We're a crime/mafia roleplay set in the present-day Chicago.

After bombing the harbour, the new gang in town, Enigma, all but declared war on the most powerful family in the city, the Bianchi Family. Police struggled to capture the culprits and were well on their way to build a solid case against the Bianchi, but their hard work was set back once the police department was bombed. Now, the war between the two sides is more heated than ever, and the casualties only tend to grow.

UPDATE 10 - 05/2017 There's...something rumbling, or perhaps brewing, among the people of Chicago.

UPDATE 09 - 04/2017 May is almost here, and we've decided to say goodbye to April with a shiny mini event! Thank you Bishop for the amazing idea, and for everyone who's getting involved!

UPDATE 08 - 03/2017 March is here! A few layout modifications jumped out of nowhere, nobody panic! Spring cleaning is also over and as such, claims and canon roles have been opened as we cleared out the inactive. Stay tuned for IC and OOC news & announcements!

UPDATE 07 - 02/2017 February is the real MVP as we're welcoming so many new members and characters to Bloody Dice this month!! We love you all, already established members, new and returning! ♥

UPDATE 06 - 01/2017 January, you ugly thing. Regardless if you're buried in snow or melting under the sun, we wish you a great year ahead and may all your dreams come true! Good luck to everyone going back to school, work or hanging on trying to survive.

UPDATE 05 - 12/2016 It's almost 2017! We hope everyone had a great time these holidays! Security, please escort 2016 through the backdoor thank you.

UPDATE 04 - 11/2016 This month we welcome back everyone who returned from their busy period...while the site is getting ready for a holiday update! Stay tuned for an official announcement and get your holiday spirit out of the box ;D

UPDATE 03 - 10/2016 Halloween is here early! As many of you were craving a special something, we delivered! Put your mask on and sink your teeth in this new event and get wild! Have fun everyone <3

UPDATE 02 - 09/2016 Two months on Jcink and the board became home to 25+ members, 90+ characters and a ton of fun plots! Can't stop, won't stop. Looking forward to creating more fun memories and always meeting new people!

UPDATE 01 - 07/2016 After six months on ProBoards, we have moved to Jcink!


welcome to bloody dice

when registering, please use the format: FIRST LAST,
as in john doe ( all caps )

► most needed (ocs & canons): bianchi, chicago pd, enigma!
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 announcement #1
 Posted: Jun 5 2017, 10:10 PM


singleje ne regrette rien

You cut my wings off once, but this time, it will be your head rolling on the floor.


    Announcement #1 - 5th of June

    Hey everyone! Look at this, the first announcement ever wow.
    Are you guys excited for summer ? Because we sure are and the main reason why is : we've got plans to shake things up.

    So you guys know how the OTM (of the month) works and how roleplay prompts work. Well, we decided to mix the two concepts together.

    Each month we will introduce a board-wide prompt that mainly describes the 'world-wide' (aka Chicago-wide) condition for all the characters to react to. It wouldn't be quite like an event, as it wouldn't be something specifically detailed in one or two threads (which is very complicated for us to handle as admins and for members to follow with much interest). This is a much wider experience that won't only work around the two main groups (Enigma and Bianchi).

    Much like a tsunami would affect the entire coast it hits, the prompts of the month (as we could call it) will affect everyone on different levels but will ultimately give every person in each group something to respond to and do something about. A character's response can be very light, like a simple mention, or they can get neck deep involved in a chain of events that could define their entire future. That choice is entirely up to you, but ignoring it completely would be a missed opportunity. Our biggest desire with this board is to see everyone cross and tie plots to create a grand map and a world that feels alive and breathes because of that.

    The first Prompt of the Month will be introduced in our newest thread dedicated to reporting each prompt and world situation for members to catch up and remember what happened, much like a newspaper.

    If you have ideas, prompt suggestions, requests or any complaints about this new magnificent crash test, you can contact us through PM to yell at us.

    Check out the first PotM here (clicky me)!
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