We're a crime/mafia roleplay set in the present-day Chicago.

After bombing the harbour, the new gang in town, Enigma, all but declared war on the most powerful family in the city, the Bianchi Family. Police struggled to capture the culprits and were well on their way to build a solid case against the Bianchi, but their hard work was set back once the police department was bombed. Now, the war between the two sides is more heated than ever, and the casualties only tend to grow.

UPDATE 10 - 05/2017 There's...something rumbling, or perhaps brewing, among the people of Chicago.

UPDATE 09 - 04/2017 May is almost here, and we've decided to say goodbye to April with a shiny mini event! Thank you Bishop for the amazing idea, and for everyone who's getting involved!

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 Interview with the King, Tag: RYAN
 Posted: Jul 9 2017, 04:40 AM


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If I can't have this city, then no one else can.


Funnily enough
The king is the one making the interview
For a moment Ryan thought Nathan had figured out who he was, that perhaps Ryan had given away his identity. But then he realized he meant Enigma as a whole, not him as the leader. Not that the secret was gonna last for long, but Ryan wanted to see for how long he kept the mystery, if only for his own amusement. But yes, Nathan was right, Enigma had been a mysterious group, keeping the shadows until it was time to strike. Ryan was quite proud of how they kept their own secrets closely guarded until this day. “Thanks. We try. Hard to do crime if you’re in the spotlight, though the Bianchi seem to have it down to an art style” And the it occured to him. “Have you worked with them before? The Bianchi?” He wouldn’t hold it against Nathan, but he wanted to know before he brought the guy in.

But at last Nathan seemed to be satisfied with Enigma patronage. Wonderful, Ryan thought it was important for everyone to be satisfied in business transactions, so he always made sure that payment was delivered in time and made sure to triple check to see the values were correct. In turn he expected the same treatment, but it didn’t always come true. “Believe me, I know exactly what you mean. I’ve seem the same with some suppliers and their products.” Suffice to say, those didn’t see Enigma’s money again, though some saw something else, something quick and deadly. “Well, this good partnership is what brings me today.” He shot Nathan a quick smile, but his eyes went back to the road soon.

sorry for kinda dragging the plot point xD ryan is being overdramatic

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