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 The Southside Riots, Prompt Nº 1
 Posted: Jun 5 2017, 10:08 PM


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Southside's Riots
OTM Prompt #1
FullerPark. Southside of Chicago. The night of June 8th 2017.

One of the poorest areas in Chicago, FullerPark has been for many years under Bianchi influence and was until two years ago a strong point in their drug traffic. Many smaller gangs answered to Bianchi orders, and were paid decently for their efforts. The citizens in the area knew the trouble they could run in by staying there, but very few had and have the money to leave. Neither did they have the guts to riot and say something to free themselves from their misery. The PD's actions were not centralized in the area for reasons of silence and the attention drawn by other parts of Chicago that seemed more urgent to take care of at the time. When the Bianchi threaten everything you own, you usually learn to close your mouth before they decide your life is not worth it.
But alas, much like a submarine in the ocean, silent and unseen, FullerPark's gangs started to grow a mind of their own, with their leaders creating coalitions and making the smallest of mice become the largest of wolf packs. People did not see an increase in violence, nor have they seen the groups actually grow to an alarming size. Even the Bianchi simply let things go after better deals came up elsewhere and the Southside gangs became unresponsive to their heeds. To the Bianchi, there were bigger fish in the ocean, Southside was no longer a hot spot for them to deal with.
So once the Bianchi had no control over the mutts, it was easy to grow an influence of their own, until they judged ready the time to take the next step.

So on the night of June 8th 2017, they took action. The Bianchi no longer had any control there, they didn't care, and everyone was looking at other horizon, enjoying the peace the Italian Mafia and the Chicago Enigma gang left them with over the past few months. The streets of Southside became apocalyptic with the coming of the gangs, as they set fire to the cars, beckoned the citizens to stay in their houses; stained the walls with the paint from their spray cans - coloring the bricks and concrete floor with words of Anarchy - regurgitated their hatred of the Bianchi and Police, called Enigma incompetent and claimed the streets as their own. What they wanted was unclear, but in one night the streets of Southside were barred with cars, trash and anything solid that could serve as a wall, closing off that area of the city. Anyone inside was bound to stay, and anyone outside was bound to be an outcast.

The Police Department received calls all night, and sent all they had as soon as they could. Cops died while trying to, at first, peacefully heed the gang members to cease their activities. Armed with Bianchi and Enigma weaponry, the gangs outnumbered the cops of Chicago who soon saw themselves forced to retreat and hold a distant ground, waiting.... for the right moment.

It's now been two days after Southside has been cut off from the world, threats to civilians inside were made if anyone were to try anything against them. But they requested nothing. They seemed to delight solely on the anarchy and apocalypse they had created. All communication with that side of the city has been cut off, and it is soon clear that the gangs have been preparing for this, for a long, long time. The news in Chicago blamed it all on the drug consumption, but experts of Chicago's crime had a more deep and psychological theory. Whichever was right, no one could tell for sure. A curfew had quickly been installed in the entire city.

Everyone must be in their homes by 6PM until 7AM. Anyone seen outside at that time without special authorization will be suspect to interrogation and arrested. The news broadcast is requesting anyone with information to come forward. If anyone has family on the other side, they are asked to keep faith in the city and be on the lookout for any news from them, as it could be the turning point of the situation.

The gangs walk the streets day and night, eager for a fight, trying to prove a point no one has yet been able to decipher....


It is now up to you and your characters. What will they do? What do they think about it? Do they have a dear one in Southside they worry about day and night? Are they allying themselves with the Police, the Bianchi or Enigma? Everyone has interest in helping. The Police are doing their duty, Enigma wish for their leader's dear home to be freed, and the Bianchi have a promise to keep. Chicago's heart just became Southside, and each time it beats, it's everyone around who comes into motion.

DISCLAIMER: We do suggest that you have a certain sense of disbelief regarding this prompt. In such a situation, much bigger forces like the Military, the FBI, and Special Forces would be summoned to aid the city. However in order to make this something interesting for everyone to rp, we thought it would be more interesting to set those to the side for now (justify their absence however you want!). This is the story of the people of Chicago, it's up to you guys. So have fun with it, be dramatic, entertain yourselves and others to make this memorable. The post is only here for informative purposes, all references to it should be made throughout the board in everyone's posts, as each char reacts.

Good luck, and make sure to throw clean dice~

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